#1 05-16-2020 8:10 am

From: toronto,canada
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new pins

hi case i see everyone is complaining and droppping their memberships already ive played quite a bit i dont get have as many 300s but i know that was the plan but thats not an issue for me just wanted to let you know a few games ive played the pin setter has dropped my last remaining pin for the spare a few times just thought id let you know keep up the hard work you will get it down one day

and thats the bottom line cause stone cold said so


#2 05-18-2020 5:54 pm

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Re: new pins

Good evening Case, as a member I want to compliment you on the good work you have done keep other members and myself playing, however the new pins are really bad and it's sad when the highest score in our tour was a 227. I totally understand the issue of all the 300's I have a few myself but I don't understand why all the low scores. I'm asking you to please loosing the screw up a little so the bowlers can at least score a 250. Thank you for your concerns, and I have no doubt you will make it right.


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