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mute button

Is there a way we can have mute button thank you

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#2 03-11-2020 2:54 am

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Re: mute button

put on your mod me tool........then in the chat type /mute  then click the persons name in the list on the right that u would like to mute , thier name will appear beside your /mute.......then just hit send

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#3 03-11-2020 7:13 am

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Re: mute button

In Pogo we could mute people in chat by simply clicking on their name which opened a dropbox with options like "see profile"..."view stats"...and "mute".  It would be cool if we could do that here.  Most folks here are real nice...but I've encountered one or two that I would have liked to "mute" in chat if I could.  If you consider such an option...please keep it simple for us "blondes" out here!  LOL!  No complicated DOS commands if possible.

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