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Bowling Update - Quit game tweaks


We have improved the way games are marked as "quit" in bowling now.  Before it took up to five minutes for quit games to fully disappear from the Live Games scoreboard, but now it should happen in less than 30 seconds.   A game is considered quit if the user clicks the "X" and restarts the bowling game.

Previously you had to either start a new game or wait for the game to time out for it to disappear from the scoreboard.   As we understand leagues want the scoreboard cleared quickly for tournaments we have implemented this change.

Also keep in mind the scoreboard is only updated when you are in the browser window and not actively bowling (for performance reasons).  The scoreboard will update on a set schedule if you are just chatting in the room or at the beginning of a frame, but you will not see the scoreboard update if you are taking your turn.

Quit games will still show on the full scoreboards so that league admins and TDs can see if someone quits a game during a tournament.


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Re: Bowling Update - Quit game tweaks

Thank you very much Case!
TD's going to be very happy!!! And members too!!!
Thank you for all you do to keep us moving forward! - Cyndi HA *Bowl Of Fun* League

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