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Mvp plus membership

Hi,my league is starting to host 2 or 3 tourneys a day in bingo. Some members have stated they do not think going to mvp plus membership is worth it, for the fact that they can only use auto daub 20 times per 30 days.We run morning and evening tourneys in bingo here.I agree with them sorry to say. I don't feel being a mvp plus member should have restrictions on auto daub.

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Re: Mvp plus membership

I agree,

Ha gpaddicts

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Re: Mvp plus membership

Thank you for your comments, and we appreciate your feedback.

It's important to remember that the Auto-Dauber is just one single feature, of the MVP (and MVP Plus) Membership. These memberships include multiple features for the website, as well as other games, outside of the auto-dauber. smile

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