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Bingo (beta)

Hi Case,

Having just seen the sudden jump of high scores obtained in bingo, and having just played 2 games in fast and a game in a public room and my scores of about 3,000 were no match to scores of 7,000 or 8,000.
On checking i see that a league room has 70 balls realeased and NOT 60 as in public rooms or fast room.
The game of bingo SHOULD be of the same amount of ball released either 60 or 70 thoughout this site.
I am a stat person so if this league room is going to allow 70 balls then their stats should NOT BE ADDED but they are.
The idea of games being equal throughout is so leagues do not have to play in public rooms, but if they are going to have advantages of this nature, then why don't we all just play in their room for the advantage.!!!!!

I feel this need addressing and quickly, it should either be 60 or 70 throughout ALL ROOMS


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Re: Bingo (beta)

Hi there,

That is a good point that we will have to take into consideration when it comes to the scoring in Bingo and other games where the game options could make a significant difference in the scoring.  I believe you are correct that the site leaderboard and Champion's Trophy should reflect what the defaults are in the Public Rooms.

Let me discuss this with the team and we will come to a decision.


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