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I would like to see cards separated more on a split. they are piled on top of each other and it is confusing as to which pile you are playing on.
Otherwise, it is a fun game! I love blackjack


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Re: Blackjack

I noticed that my original comments about Blackjack, days ago, were lost, somehow?! I'll repost some of them as I saved my comments to my league files. My original Questions & Issues are between the dotted lines area:

1. Will more than 5 players sit at a table in the final version? If not, then, would a league (--with 1 already established master/league table) --be allowed to add a TEMPORARY 2nd, 3rd, etc Tourney Table -- to allow ALL registered players of THAT day/night to play? hmm = This might/could mean, letting the Admins/Moderators have a button/option setting to:  "ADD A TABLE to THIS GAME," OR, could this be a small side window for Player #6 & #7  to play, see everyone at play, AND CHAT with everyone. It may also mean a slight change to the dealer's table design..sorry! Everyone --in play-- should be able to CHAT.

NO ONE should be dropped --just because she/he happened to be a Registered Player #6, or #7,  for a tourney, and has no place to sit among the master/league table of 5 players ---&, it's LONELY in a separate table if you were only Player #6 out of 6 registered to play!!
This would be a definite turn-off ! sad

I'm pleased that Case always allows league-mates to come into the league rooms ---even if it's just to chat with each other! TY for that!

2. If 2nd, 3rd etc tables are needed for Players #6 or #7 --and up, how do the Admins/Moderators assign tables, monitor game play & behavior among those tables, etc? Will you make a LOBBY for everyone to regroup & report back to the Admins/Moderators?

1. When doing SPLITS --I couldn't see my LEFT side Split circle totals, even if I was trying to add up my cards myself. The timer expects me to think of my next move quickly.  Please move BOTH sides' total circles OUTWARDS a tiny bit more.

2. Sometimes there was a slight freeze up --when I played alone or when another person played. I/We made a bet and a decision and waited for the dealer, but still there would be a freeze that seemed longer than just the dealer/computer "deciding." Is it a freeze or just something we must adjust to --since it's the dealer/ computer at work? 

3. I used Chrome. I couldn't see my CASH OUT area at all, if there is one!! Please fix that. I have Opera GX too, and I'll report back to you, what I see.

Thanks Case!
F Y I : Case & Staff sent me some really nice answers!

1. Case would create sets of tables ---then the 1 league room could accommodate more
    players this way, since so many of us use different devices: PCs, Macs, tablets, etc. The
    present setup can't sit 6 or 7 players at a table.

2. If multiple tables are created, the Chat room will be the same for ALL ROOMS ---so people
     can chat and coordinate without a problem.

3. I was assured that with different screen sizes, this means Case will be tweaking the
     settings, so that cards and indicators ( for example, cards' totals, SPLITS amounts, etc!)
      can be seen better.

4. In Chrome, the CASH OUT & User Name areas can be seen better now. In Opera GX &
    Firefox, these areas need to be a bit larger too, please, Case. TY.

--> = Case LISTENS to us! We can't get perfection; but we can be patient and adapt. Let's applaud that Case is WILLING to make us a nice site, overall!

(Case knows which side of the Bread its "BUTTER" is on --Pogo has surely forgotten!)

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